My name is Senol Tastan and I am 27 years old.

Currently I live in Switzerland. I would describe myself

as very versatile. This is certainly evident in my hobbies: traveling, photography, and generally everything

that has to do with excitement, adventure -

and where a lot of adrenalin flows through your veins!











My name is Kadir Tastan (27) and I live in Switzerland. I would describe myself as very crazy and versatile.

My hobbies: traveling, photography, football, etc

Anything that gets my blood racing is probably worth doing.


Passion for Photography

Our passion is photography - it is much more than just a job for us. With skillful photos you can create moods and awaken feelings in the viewer.


Good photos are a real art, and we enjoy expressing myself this way.

Incidentally, our first experience as a photographer was in airplane photography.

Later, many photo shoots with people and parties were added. And that inspires us especially: human communication captured on photos!

We also offer shootings especially for you. So, if you need meaningful photography, we are sure we are the right man for you!

A second passion is creating short films.


Stunning landscapes as a background

As a photographer, We specialize mainly in exceptional photos with breathtaking landscapes in the background. People and personalities fascinate us, and we would like to reproduce these with their individual characteristics, as accurately as possible.


For this, we prefer fancy and very creative locations - because our customers should have something very special!